Heart Conditions

Below are research articles on hypnosis and heart conditions with the key points highlighted in blue for your ease of reading.

The International journal of clinical and experimental hypnosis. 2013 Apr;61:162-71  .
The effects of hypnosis on heart rate variability.
Ramazan Yüksel; Osman Ozcan; Senol Dane
a Fatih University, Ankara, Turkey.

Abstract Uslu et al. (2012 ) suggested that hypnotic status can modulate cerebral blood flow. The authors investigated the effects of hypnosis on heart rate variability (HRV). In women, HRV decreased during hypnosis. Posthypnotic values were higher compared to prehypnotic and hypnotic values. Women had highest HRV parameters in the posthypnotic condition. It appears that hypnosis can produce cardiac and cognitive activations. Hypnotherapy may be useful in some cardiac clinical conditions characterized by an autonomic imbalance or some cardiac arrhythmias.

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