Resource Method

Neesa is a certified teacher of Resource Method.

What is Resource Method?

Resource Method (RM, the Method) is an evidence-based personal empowerment and transformation system that brings the mind, body, and emotions into harmony and facilitates access to your highest potential. The Method is a daily inner practice that harnesses the power of your mind to develop a healthy and masterful relationship with your thoughts and emotions. On the physical level, RM teaches conscious modulation of the stress response through direct control over the autonomic nervous system.

RM provides the tools to:

    • Calm your nervous system;
    • Clear your mind;
    • Soften emotions;
    • Eliminate negative self-talk;
    • Engage in introspection that leads to insight, growth, and deepened emotional intelligence;
    • Heal emotional pain from the past;
    • Navigate life’s challenges with skillful ease;
    • Cultivate inner peace and a disposition of equanimity; and
    • Access inner wisdom to masterfully plan for a fulfilling future that makes use of one’s greatest gifts.

How do I Learn Resource Method?

Resource Method is learned through a 2-day RM1 workshop.

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